INVAR Engineering and Artificial Vision is a technology-based company with a strong character of research and innovation, in works and activities carried out.

With an experienced technical team and own research laboratory, INVAR introduces new technological and innovative projects based in artificial vision technology with the aim of introducing new tools in the current market. This allow optimization and improvement on current management processes.

The sphere of action extends to throughout the country and its activities are mainly focused, on one hand, in providing technical support, technical consulting and advisory services and, on the other hand, in the development of innovative services and products under the framework of research, development and innovation (R&D), through the introduction to the market of new technologies, lines and processes.

ARTIFICIAL VISION  is used as the main factor that creates the difference on innovation developments and applications. By taking, management and further processed of images from acquisition devices a greater reliable, precise and quick information is available. This would be impossible to register through conventional methods.

Artificial vision is like the sense of sight for computer and therefore it offers us an opportunity to automate and enhance a lot of processes in a wide variety of areas.

 Most of the artificial vision applications can be grouped as follows:

  • Inspection
  • Measurement or calibration
  • Classification
  • Pattern recognition
  • Reading codes
  • Site analysis
  • Automatic guide
  • Presence/absence

In support of our customers and within the technical advice task, experienced INVAR workers offer and provide training courses. This facilitate and provide a better knowledge of services and products placed by INVAR on the market.

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