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Infraestructure Management

Publicado July 6, 2020 Por

The technological company INVAR Engineering and Computer Vision, together with Euskontrol, a benchmark in quality control, auscultation and instrumentation, and the company DronebyDrone specialized in aeronautical consulting and advice with drones, unify their strategies and capabilities to offer a global and comprehensive solution in infrastructure management, combining traditional techniques and methodologies with new technologies based [...]

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Publicado June 22, 2020 Por

INVAR Engineering and Machine Vision and DronebyDrone, company specialized in drones,  are developing a system for counting people at beaches using machine vision and artificial intelligence (AI).

The current COVID-19 pandemic, forces to adopt preventive actions to minimize the risk of contagion between persons. It is necessary to maintain the minimun social distance recommend by health [...]

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INVAR: new headquarters

Publicado July 1, 2019 Por

Invar – Engineering and Machine Vision Ltd. opens a new headquearters in Santander.

The company has moved to the Centre for Technological Development of Cantabria University, CDTUC, where it has increased its space and looks for new synergies with other technology-based companies.

For the CEO, Francisco Javier Saura, it [...]

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Publicado January 30, 2019 Por

INVAR collaborates with the R&D project department of the Cantabria Industrial Research and Technology Centre (CITICAN) since January 2019.

The activities to be promoted are support for innovation, creation of new products, services or business models, and establishment of process improvements, with multidisciplinary research groups and guided by project [...]

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Publicado September 1, 2018 Por

Since September 2018, INVAR collaborates with the European University of the Atlantic (UNEATLANTICO) teaching the subject “Artificial Intelligence” to students in the 4th year of the Degree in Computer Engineering.

It is a pleasure for us to participate in this new adventure, awakening the curiosity and ingenuity of the students in an increasingly technological world, [...]

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INVAR within the INNOVA 2016 program

Publicado November 14, 2017 Por

Project PIMES, an industrial research development, begins thanks to the support of INNOVA 2016 subsidies.

INVAR, as an Innovate SME, has begun its last project called PIMES “Intelligent Platform for Sound Measurement”, in order to develop a data record system and analytical methodology that provides information about volumes of vehicles in a road infrastructure by [...]

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INVAR accredited as INNOVATE SME

Publicado October 20, 2017 Por

The Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness  of Spain (MINECO) has granted to INVAR the official seal as Innovate SME.  Such seal will be valid for a period of three years. This means that the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness recognizes the innovative nature and constant effort of INVAR in [...]

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SV2 Project in Pons Fundation

Publicado March 3, 2017 Por

On March 1st, invited by the Pons Foundation, we attended the 1st Meeting of Innovators in Safe Mobility at the headquarters of Serrano Street.

At the meeting, the Director of INVAR Francisco Javier Saura López, presented the most important features of the SV2 project.

Between 10:00 am and 11:00 am we participate in [...]

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AgroVision Project

Publicado December 13, 2016 Por

Intelligent Monitoring of Agricultural Crops

The Autonomous Operative Group of the AgroVision Project is constituted under the Order MED/41/2016, of 1 August and in relation to the European Association of Innovation (AEI) of Productive and Sustainable Agriculture.

Spanish companies Agroambiente, Invar, Campoberry, Bodegas Sel D’Aiz, Ruvaltejada, Orulisa and the Irrigation Community of Ruijas-Ebro, together [...]

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INVAR in TRA2016

Publicado April 27, 2016 Por

Last week (18 to 21th April) INVAR presented in Warsaw (Poland), the SV2 project in the TRA2016 fair (Transpor Research Arena).

The SV2 project was selected as part of the exhibition in the stand of the European Commission, where in addition to the presentation (“Outreach Session”) also it could be displayed throughout the fair, the [...]

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