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Project SV2 in EU

Publicado September 21, 2015 Por

SV2 Project between the spanish innovative ideas that EU wants to realize.

Invar SV2 “Artificial Vision System applied to road safety” project has been selected by EU under European SME instrument program from a total of 2,029 projects submitted in june deadline.

INVAR Engineering and Computer Vision company has been selected with SV2 [...]

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Publicado October 10, 2014 Por

You have available the new INVAR SAAT System dossier in our web page.

You can download the pdf version in this link

Since you know, it is a Automatic Traffic Counter System developed by INVAR and that there uses artificial vision technology.

The principal advantages with the traditional methods: [...]

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New Official Accreditation

Publicado July 20, 2014 Por

Technical staff of INVAR gets the Official Accreditation of Road Safety Auditors organized by the General Directorate of Highways, Ministry of Public Works and Highways as established in Directive 2008/96/CE, of the European Parliament and the Council on road infrastructure safety management.

The accreditation allows us to realize audits in two specialities:

- planning and projects [...]

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Road Solar Inspector

Publicado March 26, 2014 Por

Sometimes, when we are driving in a highway and depending on the orientation we are affected by sun glare. This phenomenon is a safety problem that affects our comfort and visibility conditions.
RoadSolarInspector Application developed for mobile devices allows to analyze and to study highways in which this phenomenon is present throughout the year.


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INVAR Newsletter Nov – Dic

Publicado December 27, 2013 Por

As we promised, is now available our newsletter for the months of November and December.

To receive our free newsletter, just subscribe in our website

They will be available in pdf format in the Press Room of our website.

We hope, you like it!

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Free Computer Vision App

Publicado November 29, 2013 Por

Mobile devices (smartphones, tablets,…), especially last generation are replacing computers, because they are technologically in constant growth, have more processing capacity and lets execute more complex applications.

In addition the huge advantages introduced with touch screens, different sensors and embedded functionality (accelerometer, GPS, phone,…) expands the possibilities of mobile applications.

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INVAR Newsletter

Publicado October 23, 2013 Por

We started a new initiative with our newsletter’s publication where you can find, every two months, the latest news of INVAR world, engineering and vision systems.

To receive our free newsletter, just subscribe in our website

They will be available in pdf format in the [...]

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INVAR on Linkedin

Publicado September 29, 2013 Por

We have a new profile on Linkedin in order to improve and expand the popularization of our products and services both to our clients and anyone interested in computer vision.

You can access via the button we’ve added to the top of our website and, of course, we encourage you to be a “FOLLOWER”.


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Road Safety Auditors

Publicado June 1, 2013 Por

INVAR technical staff has been selected for the first program of initial formation Road Safety Auditors 2013, organized by the General Directorate of Highways, Ministry of Public Works and Highways.

There are a maximum of twenty places for each specialty, one for planning and projects audits and, the second, for previus or initial putting into [...]

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Innovation Annual 2013

Publicado April 30, 2013 Por

In the publication “First Annual of Innovation in Spain 2013″ that has come to light in April, a report appears on page 50 about our company, as an example of  technology innovation in Cantabria.

From INVAR  we take the opportunity to congratulate InnovaSpain for work done.

Attached below the full report, which we hope you [...]

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