SV2 Project between the spanish innovative ideas that EU wants to realize.

Invar SV2 “Artificial Vision System applied to road safety” project has been selected by EU under European SME instrument program from a total of 2,029 projects submitted in june deadline.

INVAR Engineering and Computer Vision company has been selected with SV2 project to participate in Phase 1 of the SME instrument. This project has received funding program for research and innovation in the EU Horizon 2020 under nº696854 grant agreement.

As a technology-based company, INVAR focuses its main activities in the development of innovative products and services introducing into market, product lines and services, as well as providing technical support, consulting and expert advice.

INVAR business strategy based on smart specialization (RIS3) has as main objective to become a reference at European and International level in the development of innovative systems for the management of safety and mobility infrastructure, using machine vision as a differential factor.

Invar SV2 “Artificial Vision System applied to road safety” project, include in product development part, a dynamic road inspection vehicle equipped with advanced technology such as the use of image acquisition devices, high-resolution of sensor system (inclinometers, accelerometers, gyroscopes) allowing the registration of information available from the state and situation of our roads and all its elements (layout and geometry, horizontal and vertical signs, markings, firm, barriers security, lighting, drainage, structures, margins, visibility, …).

For processing and treatment of images recorded in the field, routines and scheduling algorithms and software image processing are used. This software is market leader in the worldwide for the development of applications based in artificial vision systems.

As a result an inventory situation and state characteristics of the different elements of the road is obtained.

The information obtained through INVAR SV2 enables quality control and monitoring, evaluation and monitoring road historical heritage. Furthermore, in combination with the bases of traffic and accidents, and the application of the regulations, allows development of impact studies and road safety audits, and to analyze the adequacy of the different elements of the infrastructure.

The experience and know-how acquired by technicians of Invar over the last decade, allows a detailed technical analysis of security risks and evaluate potential causes for which accidents are registered.

Invar SV2 project aims to respond Safety Management of Road Infrastructure Directive 2008/96/EC of European Parliament that establishes the need for regularly inspections and road safety audits, as well as evaluation of the impact of road safety.


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