INVAR Engineering and Machine Vision and DronebyDrone, company specialized in drones,  are developing a system for counting people at beaches using machine vision and artificial intelligence (AI).

The current COVID-19 pandemic, forces to adopt preventive actions to minimize the risk of contagion between persons. It is necessary to maintain the minimun social distance recommend by health authorities to avoid virus transmision. Beaches are a particularly important point to control and enforce.

The new system uses unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) , such as drones that take aerial images, and machine vision and artificial intelligence (AI) that processes the registered data. It allows to count people who are at the beach in different areas.

The complete process consists of taking periodic high resolution aerial images in targets previously defined that are far from people.  The information travel to the processing unit and the results are posted on the website for its consultation.

The system called INVAR ARENA  stands out for portability, capability to adapt to  any environment or situation on the beaches. It doesn’t need instalation, It is not intrusive or invasive and respects privacy and security of people.


The system provides useful and timely information, quickly and easily. It identifies the presence of people (see red boxes in the image) and shows by colors, associated with previously defined ranges, the occupation of each areas, graphically and numerically. The image above shows an example of the results on a beach.

There are many applications of the results obtained with this system and not only applicable to beaches. For example, traffic studies and pedestrian mobility, population behaviour, high density areas, congestions, peak periods,…

For additional information you can download our press release or show demo video:

Radio Interview (8/7/20)

Demo Video



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