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We combine artificial intelligence with experience to create intelligent processes


Artificial Intelligence makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, perceive the environment and perform different tasks optimizing available resources.

Looking to the future, INVAR incorporates AI solutions in their products and services, developing predictive systems that facilitate decision making.

  • Development of predictive systems
  • Models of supervised learning
  • Models of non-supervised learning
  • Recommendation systems
  • Neural Networks
  • Convolution and deep learning
  • Particle swarm optimization (PSO)
  • Genetic and evolutionary algorithms
  • Fuzzy Logic Systems
  • Expert systems and Bayesian networks


Machine Vision (MV) is an intelligence field to enable an automatic analysis of images obtained by digital media. The whole process consists of capturing the image, to digitize and interpret it.

Machine Vision is like the sense of sight for computer, therefore give us an opportunity to automate and enhance a lot of processes in many fields.

Most AV applications can be grouped in eight main areas:


Inspection (Quality Control): Check if a product verifies required standards. For example, discard of damaged labels in the packaging chain


Measurement or calibration, ensures that measurements comply with initial specifications. For example, controlling the thickness of a cable


Classification. For example, colour and size citrus classification (lemons, oranges, mandarins… etc.), or area and form cell sorting


Pattern recognition, involves the identification of object through the comparison of visual characteristics with a stored pattern. For example, the automatic recognition of screws.


Reading codes, to locate symbols and complex sequences which can identify uniquely an object. A typical example is the OCR case (Optical Character Recognition) for reading texts about scanned images.


Site analysis, involves an inspection in a specific area where, among other functions, you can also search for objects and measure distances


Automatic guide, involves providing adaptively positional feedback information to manage the activity. For example, to guide a robotic arm while welding or handling some parts, or autonomous vehicles navigation

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Presence/absence, supposes a qualitative and quantitative check; certain manufacturing operations have been carried out correctly. For example, to ensure that no one key is missing on the keyboard


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