INVAR SAAT system through the utilization of artificial vision technology, allows real time traffic intensity records in the road infrastructure. This can determine in each direction and lane, volumes of vehicles circulating on  roads, as well as  percentage of heavy goods vehicles, peak hour factor (PHF), temporal distribution (per hour, daily), service levels and degrees of saturation…

Through the use of this system is possible to analyse driving situations in:

  • Fluid traffic situations or high congestion and saturation
  • Traffic in high capacity roads (highways, freeways) or in roads
  • Traffic monitoring in intersections and junctions
  • Feeder roads incorporation or large capacity exit routes
  • Inclined sections or steep prolonged
  • Driving in different conditions of roads (straight, curved…)

You can download our dossier:


INVAR_SAAT_page-0002Or pdf version (spanish):



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