Intelligent Monitoring of Agricultural Crops

The Autonomous Operative Group of the AgroVision Project is constituted under the Order MED/41/2016, of 1 August and in relation to the European Association of Innovation (AEI) of Productive and Sustainable Agriculture.

Spanish companies Agroambiente, Invar, Campoberry, Bodegas Sel D’Aiz, Ruvaltejada, Orulisa and the Irrigation Community of Ruijas-Ebro, together with the collaboration and support of the Production and Plant Protection Section of the Government of Cantabria, make up this Operative Group, whose scope of work is initially focused on vineyard, cranberry (and other small fruits), as well as potato and forage maize.

Agroambiente and Invar, which lead the Operational Group, have developed a project for the implementation of an intelligent agriculture system, for monitoring and integrated crop management, differing in relation to other existing technologies on low-cost sensor, artificial vision and own manufacturing of components with 3D printing.

The main objective of the project, which is part of Rural Industry 4.0, is development of an intelligent platform that allows sending phytosanitary warnings in order to optimize the resources and treatments necessary to combat pests and diseases that appear during different phenological stages of the crops.

Proyecto AgroVision


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