Con el Director de la DGT

On March 1st, invited by the Pons Foundation, we attended the 1st Meeting of Innovators in Safe Mobility at the headquarters of Serrano Street.

At the meeting, the Director of INVAR Francisco Javier Saura López, presented the most important features of the SV2 project.

Between 10:00 am and 11:00 am we participate in the program “Sobre Ruedas”, directed by Chimo Ortega and broadcast by CapitalRadio station.

The rest of the morning we were able to explain in more detail the progress of the SV2 project, where, among other means, the EFE Agency interviewed us about our innovation.

We leave the program in full (the interview approx from the 31st minute), as well as the press release issued by INVAR.

Nota Prensa Proyecto SV2_20170223


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